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Ecommerce - the cutting edge technology for Businesses today

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Business Management - Processes
In every successful e-business, the business process domains – CRM, SCM and business operations – are an integral part of the continuous optimization process. The advantage, and thus the return on investment, for an e-business integrating its business process domains is that it extends the organization’s business directly to customers and suppliers. When business process domains are integrated, they can increase productivity and improve customer and supplier satisfaction. For example, when a repeat customer views a successful e-business’ Web site, an integrated CRM system presents that individual with offers or items of interest based on previous orders. Once the customer places an order, that same e-business allows that individual to view the status of his or her order in real-time as it moves through the supply chain.
Business process domains are aggregations of core business processes. Although the growing popularity of business process domains as their own entities – CRM, SCM and core operations – is commanding mind-share in the marketplace and each has attracted various vendors and products to support it, these domains must operate together as a key component to the overall e-business strategy. In a successful e-business, convergence is the driving connection of all of the business process domains. When there appears to a customer or a supplier to be no barrier between departments, the business process domains are tightly integrated with the business and IT strategies.

Business Process Domains

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