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Ebusiness - Customer Relationship Management
Customer relationships are becoming a more important factor in differentiating one business from another. In order to stay competitive, e-businesses in every industry have begun to analyze these relationships with customers using CRM solutions.

In the past, customers would place an order via the telephone and wait until the company’s purchasing department processed and shipped the order. Today’s customers place an order electronically and then demand to be able to check the status of their order within minutes.

CRM enables an organization to adopt a comprehensive view of the customer and maximize this relationship. These CRM systems enable a business to identify, attract, retain and support customers using multiple channels such as the World Wide Web, direct sales, telemarketing call centers, direct mail and retail facilities.
In an efficient e-business, there are CRM processes in place to handle:

  • Customer interactions – Sales, marketing and customer service (call center, field service) via multiple, interconnected delivery channels and integration between front office and back office
  • Operational CRM – The automation of horizontally integrated business processes involving “front office” customer touch points
  • Analytical CRM – The analysis of data created on the operational side of the CRM equation for the purpose of business performance management; utilizing data warehousing technologies and leveraging data marts
  • Personalization – The use of new and traditional groupware/Web technologies to facilitate customer and business partner communications

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