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Ecommerce - the cutting edge technology for Businesses todayEcommerce - the cutting edge technology for Businesses today
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Ecommerce - the cutting edge technology for Businesses today

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Ebusiness - Core Business Operations
E-businesses also need to develop and operate complex transaction processing systems that support their core business operations. These core operations include the operational systems that support their particular business, such as claims processing, trade execution, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Resource Management (ERM). Whether a company is just beginning to transform its business into an e-business or an e-business strengthening its market position, organizations must put in place architectures that support large and complex integrated solutions. E-businesses must address the performance requirements for reliability, scalability and high availability. These systems also require a high level of flexibility, integration and often the added complexity of operating in a global business environment. These e-businesses need to integrate their Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain, and core business operational systems such as enterprise resource planning, accounting, and general business support systems to operate efficiently.
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Security desires a important place in ebusiness enterprises.
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