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Ebusiness Security Issues
E-business is a powerful tool for business transformation that allows companies to enhance their supply-chain operation, reach new markets, and improve services for customers as well as for suppliers and employees. However, implementing the ebusiness applications that provide these benefits may be impossible without a coherent, consistent approach to e-business security. Traditional network security has focused solely on keeping intruders out using tools such as firewalls. This is no longer adequate. E-business means letting business partners and customers into the network, essentially through the firewall, but in a selective and controlled way, so that they access only the applications they need. To date, organizations have controlled and managed access to resources by building authorization and authentication into each e-business application.

This piecemeal approach is time-consuming error-prone, and expensive to build and maintain. Emerging technology provides a new role-based access control infrastructure for all of the enterprise’s e-business applications. For Example:ecommerce solutions like GoECart equipped with latest security featuresa are making online shopping experience safe and secure. With this infrastructure, developers no longer need to code security features into each application. This can greatly speed up and simplify the deployment of new applications, cut maintenance costs, and give organizations a consistent security policy. This new access control infrastructure also lets organizations implement consistent privacy policies and ensures that authorized people are denied access to sensitive business information sources. In addition, a centralized security solution lends greater flexibility to supporting new technologies such as mobile Internet devices, which are expected to proliferate over the next few years. Besides controlling access, organizations also need to monitor security events across the enterprise so that suspicious activities can be quickly pinpointed. This is becoming critical as enterprise networks grow rapidly in complexity and strategic importance. New monitoring technology lets organizations consolidate data from all their disparate security sensors—firewalls, anti-virus software, host systems, and routers— and provides a coordinated single image of potential intrusions for effective incident response.

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