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About TradeYourCards is a safe and secure Internet portal that will allow sports card traders a place to trade their collectables. It happens to be  a customized B2C and C2C e-commerce solution, driven by a multi-tiered database structure providing ease-of-use for front-end users and convenient administration and update features for site administrators. Complete with full scalability, information is processed and displayed quickly as pages are created dynamically for the users. Buyers are able to search for their desired cards, and sellers are able to upload images of their collectables for bidding, selling, and trading. All users are encouraged to create a public profile, allowing users of common interests or collectables to more easily find each other. To ensure the safety of users, once a transaction is complete, buyers and sellers are asked to rate each other, giving avid users the opportunity to watch their ratings soar (thereby also gaining the trust of other users). Complete with tokens (virtual money), the site creates both a fun and safe environment for children and sport enthusiasts of all ages. Currently undergoing more expansion and with features like e-mail forwarding and chat on the way, promises to become the leading sport collectible and trading site.


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