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Ecommerce - the cutting edge technology for Businesses todayEcommerce - the cutting edge technology for Businesses today
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Ecommerce - the cutting edge technology for Businesses today

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Hypergrowth - Ecommerce
Hypergrowth.That's the term now being used to describe what e-commerce is currently experiencing. Companies of all sorts and sizes - large or small, established or start-ups are hopping on to the e-commerce bandwagon to give the much-needed boost to their businesses and become the next Amazon in the Internet world. And why not? The open nature of the Internet gives the flexibility to a small firm to conduct business in direct competition to a brick and mortar giant. It is a question of who grabs the opportunity first. Various reports cite explosive growth claims and projections. An industry report by the Peterborough, NH-based ActivMedia Research reveals that that the top 100 e-commerce Websites are reporting annual growth rates of 1,000 percent and are pulling in revenues of as much as $100 million. And as more and more people move online in the future, these figures are expected to be even more staggering. And, as per the International Data Corporation, the number of people buying online is expected to increase from 18 million in December 1997 to 128 million in 2002, representing more that USD400 billion worth of transactions. In U.S. alone, the revenue generated by Internet businesses in 1998 was larger than all previous estimates a boggling $ 300 billion.

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