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Ebusiness - Security Tasks
It may be useful to contrast the role of an ebusiness security solution with that of traditional network security tools. Traditional tools, such as firewalls, are designed to exclude potential intruders. In contrast, an e-business security solution supports the business need to let in selected outsiders. Partners and customers need access, but that access must be limited to specific systems. Another difference is that the e-business security solution must ensure that both outsider access and insider access must also be controlled. Surveys have shown that unauthorized access from within the organization is a widespread and fast-growing threat. To support these needs and protect the e-business environment and its users, the security solution should handle several specific security tasks:
Authentication and Authorization:
To control access to e-business applications and resources, the solution must first to be able to identify users with confidence. This process is called authentication. There are many methods for doing this, ranging from simple usernames and passwords to token-based technologies and digital certificates. Once users are authenticated, the security solution should define and control exactly which resources they are allowed to use. This process is called authorization.
Today’s networks are large, heterogeneous and complex. Even with a security infrastructure in place to protect e-business applications, there’s still a need to monitor this environment for attacks and misuse. This requires a centralized tool that can monitor the many elements in a complex network and correlate information from them, in order to quickly identify problems so that action can be taken.

Having mentioned about the common and specific security issues, every organization need to enter into this ebusiness world with a coordinated approach. They need to create a clear and a strong business foundation to implement manage various security issues. Read further....
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